Tone up your Figure in just 15 minutes a day - Daily Exercise Routine
"Four specific exercise programmes devised to tone target areas of your body - Exercise for Slim Fitness
Increase your cardiovascular endurance, as you strengthen all your muscles - The Step - Exercise for the Advanced Level
Improve muscle co-ordination as you develop your physical condition - Low Impact Aerobics
Improve muscle coordination & lose weight - Exercise for Beginners-Intermediate Level
Become more supple and improve your Figure - Exercise for Stretching
The enjoyment of dance, the effectiveness of the gym - Exercise for Gym Dance
Improve your figure with specially designed exercises to tone up your muscles - Exercise for Body Sculpture
Trim, tone and firm up your Figure - Exercise for the Figure
Tone up your chest muscles & strengthen your Back - Exercise for Back & Chest
"Shape up your Buttocks and improve your Waistline - Exercise for Abs & Buttocks
Shape up your Buttocks and firm up your Thighs - Exercise for Thighs & Buttocks

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"Shape up your Buttocks and improve your Waistline - Exercise for Abs & Buttocks
Get into shape As you want! When you want! This programme concentrates on toning up the abdomen and the buttocks. The training session is designed so that you can exercise where you want, when you want and at your own pace. Nancy Marmorat (Diploma, Irene Popard School of Dance), who teaches dance, stretching and keep-fit exercises, has devised a number of successful exercise routines that work on specific areas of the body.

Saaz - Shehnai-CX
Style: Hindustani Classical
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