Osho Dynamic Meditation(PAL format)
Osho Dynamic Meditation(NTSC format)
Piu Piu Lagi Pyas
Akath Kahani Prem Ki
Maro He Jogi Maro
Mrityorma Amritam Gamay
Jin Sutra
Take it Easy
The Discipline of Transcendence
Journey to the Heart
Come, Come, yet again Come
Absolute Tao
Amazing Fusion Concerts- Taufiq Qureshi
The Search For Truth
Truth : The Greatest Surgery
The Transforming Power of Love
The Art of living
Mind; The Price for Meditation
The Beauty of Purposelessness and The Secret of Love
Love Knows No Fear

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Take it Easy
In these delightful and playful talks, Osho introduces the mystery, the wonder and the emptiness that is Zen. He uses the poetry of one of the most outrageous Zen masters, Ikkyu, to show the ways and methods a Zen master uses to permanently transform, rather than simply inform. Osho and Ikkyus whole message is about how to experience the essence of emptiness: that blissful state of no-mind where all old conditionings are gone and man is free just to be himself. As Osho speaks of Ikkyu and answers peoples questions, he is also speaking of himself. As he speaks of who Ikkyu is, he reveals more about himself. A Zen man is a natural man. His life has no ulterior motive, no goal. All control disappears; freedom is born. Osho Why should we be so reluctant To return to the sky of our native place? These words of Ikkyu describe the Buddhist approach profoundly. Listen to Ikkyus song. Accept this emptiness and the fear of death will disappear like a moth. When you find the flame of love burning bright be a moth! Osho

Take it Easy(English)

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