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Tabeer is a call of the restless soul in search of its beloved destiny. In his solo debut album, the livewire voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali replete in its haunting beauty marries soul-stirring compositions to create an experience, which can only be termed as mind-blowing. A new sonic saga, this album defies the boundaries of language, styles, genres and musical cultures as singer-writer-composer Shafqat Amanat Ali meshes the old with the new, the earthy with the avant garde and lyrical beauty with sheer vocal might
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Track Listing
Tracks   Duration
1. Khaireyan De Naal Na   
2. Naina Na   
3. Dum Ali Ali Na   
4. Rang Le Na   
5. Bulleh Shah Na   
6. Pagalpan Na   
7. Rohi Na   
8. Kartar (darbari) Na   
9. Manqabat (ya Ali) Na