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Wedding Sangeet Karaoke(DVD)
Maawan Thandiyan Chhaawan
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Wedding Sangeet Karaoke(DVD)
Wedding Sangeet Karaoke(DVD)  
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Style: Dvd
The DVD brings together popular Punjabi folk melodies that were traditionally sung on weddings by the bride and groom`s family and friends and now form an essential part of every sangeet ceremony. These songs are a way to connect people as they come together to celebrate. Here is a chance when you can not only have your collection but also sing-along on tracks handed down from generation to generation as well as restore the ambience of a traditional Punjabi wedding. How to play the DVD. Insert the DVD into the player and wait for the menu to appear on screen. From a list of 22 tracks you may choose any one by selecting the second option `SELECT SONGS` or watch all together by selecting the first option `PLAY ALL`. The lyrics of each song will start appearing word by word against the track you hear and fade out as the next line comes. So pick up your mikes and sing along.
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Track Listing
Tracks   Duration
1. Bajre Da Sitta 4:11
2. Lal Mitti Khani Ae 5:46
3. Ambersare Diyan Warhiyan 3:52
4. Sadke Sadke Jandiye 5:25
5. Sui Ve Sui 2:35
6. Bhabho Kendi Ae 3:56
7. Sikandarpure Deya Rahiya 4:12
8. Kut Kut Bajra 5:27
9. Kala Sha Kala 3:53
10. Bajre Di Rakhi 4:15
11. Jutti Meri Jandiye 4:27
12. Charkha Channan Da 4:30
13. Kurti Meri Chheet Di 3:20
14. Rasiya Nimbu 4:16
15. Dyor De Vyah Vich 5:12
16. Chitta Kukkad Banere Te 5:49
17. Kala Doreya 3:42
18. Nashe Diye Bund Botle 3:16
19. Tappe 10:48
20. Mehndi Ni Mehndi 4:57
21. Bajre Da Sitta 4:11
22. Lal Mitti Khani Ae 5:46
23. Ambersare Diyan Warhiyan 3:52
24. Sadke Sadke Jandiye 5:25
25. Sui Ve Sui 2:35
26. Bhabho Kendi Ae 3:56
27. Sikandarpure Deya Rahiya 4:12
28. Kut Kut Bajra 5:27
29. Kala Sha Kala 3:53
30. Bajre Di Rakhi 4:15
31. Jutti Meri Jandiye 4:27
32. Charkha Channan Da 4:30
33. Kurti Meri Chheet Di 3:20
34. Rasiya Nimbu 4:16
35. Dyor De Vyah Vich 5:12
36. Chitta Kukkad Banere Te 5:49
37. Kala Doreya 3:42
38. Nashe Diye Bund Botle 3:16
39. Tappe 10:48
40. Mehndi Ni Mehndi 4:57