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Truth : The Greatest Surgery
Shubha Mudgal - The Versatile (Vol 1, 2 and 3)-CD  
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Style: Khayal, Thumri, Kajri, Baramasa And Bhajan

Volume 1- This is the devotional volume of Versatile series featuring five soul stirring bhajans by Shubha Mudgal. The bhajans are in praise of Lord Krishna, some describing the ritual of bathing the God with milk and the others about the divine dance of the circle called Raas. The bhajans have been set to beautiful compositions by the versatile artiste. Most of these bhajans have been adopted from temple literature and convey the passionate fath of a devotee.

Volume 2 - This album prsesents the lighter forms of Hindustani music including thumri, kajri and baramasa. Seasons have a special significance in Indian music tradition. A strong concept in Hindustani music, seasons play an important role because of the Indian musicians association with natrue and environment. These songs usually in the Brajbhasha, Avadhi, Khadi Boli and Bhojpuri dialects, form part of a living tradition that cannot be defined as strictly classical or folk, sophisticated or primitive in the usual sense. Woven into these songs are the physical and climatic conditions characterising each season.

Volume 3 - This album presents Shubha Mudgals rendition of khayal. The artiste begins the album with raga Shuddh Kalyan. The recital begins with a bandish in vilambit based on rupak tala. I then moves on to a madhya laya bandish in teentala. The other raga in the album is Adana where again the artiste has begun the khayal with a vilambit bandish in rupak tala. The raga concludes with a drut bandish based on teentala. The final rendition in the album is a real treat for music lovers as it is a highly innovative ragamala. Here the artiste has presented many ragas in a row in madhyalaya teentala.

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