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Nada Himalaya 2
New Earth - Buddha Garden  
Featured Artist(s): Parijat-

Style: New Age Music
Music for meditation and celebration alike, Buddha Garden features guitar, keyboards and percussion. Uplifting melodies and easy grooves create a light-hearted setting of rejuvenation and leisure. This music creates an enriching and affirming ambiance.
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Track Listing
Tracks   Duration
1. Transience 5:53
2. Flowering 4:49
3. Ruparahi 5:46
4. Returning Home 6:54
5. Subandallah 9:48
6. Bowing Down In Grace 6:04
7. Most Beautiful Splendor 4:18
8. Circles 6:59
9. Raindance 7:45
10. Transience Ii 5:56